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一畝綠.2013 - 姚廷威

一畝綠設計基於以人為本 , 探討機能與美感的協調, 每個室內物件將衡量與建築物間的關係 , 追求整體空間和諧 , 作適度的設計 , 並以確實的工料及品質面對每一位客戶

家 ,是舒適的、愉悅的、幸福的。

Established One Mu Green 2013 - by Yao Tingwei The design of one mu of green is based on people-oriented, and explores the coordination of function and beauty, each interior object will measure the relationship to the building, Pursue the harmony of the overall space, make a moderate design, and face every custom er's home with real materials and quality, which is comfortable, pleasant and happy.